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I am so excited....I have a rule not to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving but I purchased Jared Johnson's new CD called Christmas in the Key of J about a month ago and I allowed myself to break my rule to listen to it before the "holiday" season. I was not disappointed rule breaking...The CD is awesome. Several of the songs are refreshing and entertaining variations on traditional Christmas music. I found myself listening to it several times last night. I found the tempo just right...not too slow where it would put me to sleep but just right for keeping my body & might alert while working on other things. This is definitely a must have to add to your Christmas music collection.
Stacey D, TX

When I was listening to the song sample of Angels We Have Heard on High, our 4-year-old daughter came in and said, "What is that? It's beautiful." She wanted to listen to it over and over. She's a fan.
Valerie R, UT

Jared Johnson's new release, Christmas in the Key of J, is a polished collection of holiday tunes you know and love done "Johnson style." His ability to capture the feel of an entire rhythm section through a solo piano arrangement is mesmerizing. Christmas in the Key of J is the perfect addition to your Christmas music repertoire.
Michael R. Hicks, solo piano recording artist

It's wonderful music to listen to, because it's modern enough that you're never bored. It fills you with a sense of peace and relaxation.
Cera A, TX

Spiritually uplifting and phenomenal
Cassandra H, TX

I have finally had a chance to listen to the album and it is beautiful, especially the Canon in D. The best I have ever heard that piece played, by anyone. Thank you so much for letting me know about the album.
Deb S, TX

Just a note to let you know how much we love your CD. The arrangements are so moving- it will definitely be our new Christmas Tree decorating CD. You've done an awesome job and I've passed the word along to my extended family.
Rene H, TX

Your music is great! I hope to perform with you someday.
Marvin Goldstein, national solo piano recording artist

I loved Christmas in the Key of J! My friend Jared has created a Christmas album that piano fans will love.
Cory Reese, solo piano recording artist

This is so incredible! So Awesome! WOW!
Lonna M, TX

We are all so thrilled about your new album, and I am especially excited for the Christmas music & extras. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!
Melanie E, ID

Hey. Congrats on your Christmas album. What I heard on MySpace was great!
Kirby Heyborne, singer/songwriter

Jared's love for the piano shines on his latest holiday collection. A nice collection of holiday arrangements from a great pianist. This is a good holiday CD for solo piano fans!
Paul Cardall, national solo piano recording artist

I love the CD! You are unbelievably talented and I am so very impressed!
Rita J, TX

Fabulous! Way to go!
Diana B, TX

Way to go, Jared! This is awesome.
John N, UT

We love Christmas in the Key of J. You Rock!
Shirley C, AZ

LOVE the CD! Just listened to most of it. BEAUTIFUL! You are awesome!
Ruthie D, TX

You're amazing. I am very impressed, and am excited for you.
Ronald H, TX

Fantastic, moving. This album has a real vitality that makes you want to get up and dance. It's so much fun to listen to that you will want to listen all year long. Let's hear more like this, Jared!

This is an amazing Christmas album! I am enjoying it very much and will even be listening to it throughout the year. Jared is a very talented pianist. I look forward to more great music from him in the future!
Luann M, AZ

Love this! Simply gorgeous. Gorgeously simple.
Brian G

"Jared's ability to capture the feel of an entire rhythm section through a solo piano arrangement is mesmerizing."
Michael R. Hicks, solo piano recording artist