About Jared

Discover life in the “Key of J” with Jared Johnson’s contemporary solo piano arrangements. Jared has performed on television, radio, the Internet and at the Olympics. And yet, the family man will tell you that some of his most memorable musical experiences have been sharing songs with groups of teenagers, at church programs and with his wife and four children.

Jared’s signature phrase, the “Key of J,” refers to his unique style of rhythm and emotion that draws frequent comparisons to Jon Schmidt, Jim Brickman, Vince Guaraldi and others. Each of his three solo piano albums – Piano Pop (2001), Christmas in the Key of J (2007) and Wedding Bells in the Key of J (2011) – was inspired by events in his life. It’s the capturing of these moments that continues to resonate with fans around the world.

Piano Pop musically conveyed what was in Jared’s heart as he fell in love, married his college sweetheart and became a father for the first time. Years of unwavering support from fans and loved ones led him to record his second album, Christmas in the Key of J. The album reached beyond holiday arrangements; it was a poignant response to the unexpected death of his brother-in-law earlier that year. It represented a means of healing from loss by finding renewed joy and meaning in daily living. Jared’s next album, Wedding Bells in the Key of J, expanded that theme of joy and celebration as he dedicated the songs to his sister-in-law and her new husband who met under extenuating circumstances. Many noted that the album took his arranging style to a new level and, incidentally, revealed his love of pop music.

Jared has played the piano since the age of 5. He began writing and arranging music in his teens and honed his sense of rhythm as a percussionist in high school and college. Following a full-time church mission, his music gained quick notoriety. In 2002, he had the memorable opportunity to perform at the Opening Ceremony Reception of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has performed regularly over the years, opening for artists including Peter Breinholt, Colors, Julie de Azevedo, Enoch Train, Cherie Call and Paul Cardall. He has been featured on radio interviews and on television, performing on the Christmas program on FOX 4 Good Day (Dallas).

Music has taken Jared places, but it’s clear that he is more inspired by motivating others to take up the piano themselves. In 2011, he committed to offering all sheet music for free and to adding more sheet music specifically for younger piano players. Wrap it all up – the unique style, the stories behind the songs, the hope of motivating others – and you have life in the “Key of J.”


"Jared's ability to capture the feel of an entire rhythm section through a solo piano arrangement is mesmerizing."
Michael R. Hicks, solo piano recording artist